Clash Royale Bot ios

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Clash Royale Bot IOS

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The first Free Clash Royale Bot ios 

Clash Royale Bot ios design is really clean and easy use, with just a few taps you can start to unlock chests, collect cards, open chests, upgrade cards and much more!

Always ready to help you, if you need help about the bot or any other questions related to it, you can just leave a message and will be proud to help you. Install guide bellow!

Open Free Chest

Bot will look for and open free chest


Open Crown Chest

Bot will look for and open crown chest


Open Chests

The 4 chest slots, will open the chests if ready


Unlock Chests

Will start to open the cheats


Auto Request Cards (pro)

Request a card at random card


Auto Donate Cards (pro)

Donate cards!


Ignore Reward Limit (pro)

Bot will continue to battle even if there’s nothing to gain.


Ignore Battle (pro)

Can choose not to battle to keep trophies high and still benefit from the other features.


Battle Speed (pro)

There is 3 options Slow, Normal and Fast this will be the speed of card deployment during battle.


Recorded Attack (pro)

You have the option to use your own attack during battles to do this you will need to record an attack in AutoTouch. To record an attack, go to battle, open AutoTouchs menu and tap record. Deploy some cards for about 2-3seconds then stop the recording.

While recoding the attack make sure you don’t tap where the OK button appears at the end of a battle, as it will put the bot out of sync.

After you have finished recording an attack, open AutoTouch app and go to scripts and rename the attack to CRattack.lua.

Now you can turn on recorded attack.

Trophy Drop/Lose Battles (pro)

Enable if you want to use this feature to drop trophy's.

How many battles to lose (pro)

Trophy Drop has to be enables type the number of battles you would like to lose to drop trophy's

Deck for battles (pro)

Can choose to use deck 1,2 or 3

Enable Time Delay (pro)

Enable this to have the bot unlock your device while on charge and open your chests and then go back to sleep this feature is good so the bot is not always open. This will also unlock your device and passcode every amount of minutes you choose.

Run Every Minutes (pro)

Type in the amount of minutes you want the bot to unlock your device

Passcode Unlock (pro)

Your passcode so Clash Royale Bot can unlock your device

Be sure to try the free version before purchasing.

The Pro version offers more features. request cards, donate cards, ignore daily limit, and more!

Used to be $5 now its only $3.99!

When purchasing please confirm your device.

Feel free to ask any questions;

[email protected]

( Pro Version $3.99) IPhone 5,5s,se,   IPhone 6,6s,6+

( Pro Version $3.99) IPhone 4s

(Pro Version $3.99) IPad 2,3,4   IPad mini 1

(Pro Version $3.99) IPad mini 2,3,4,   IPad air 1,2,   IPad Pro

Installation Guide (Free & Pro)

The Bot requires a jailbreak for help with jailbreaking your device head over to r/jailbreak

Autotouch needs to be installed, to do this add this repo to Cydia

To add a repo open cydia, tap sources then add. Copy the repo above and install AutoTouch.

I take no responsibility for pirated versions of AutoTouch, the bot was made using the latest official version of AutoTouch. AutoTouch will require a licence.

Next you will need to install ClashRoyaleBot add this repo to Cydia

Choose to install ClashRoyaleBot or ClashRoyaleBotPro

Open AutoTouch app and tap on settings then go to control

Then tap Action for Main Control

Scroll down until you find the title VOLUME BUTTONS and select down press short hold.

Now tap scripts at the bottom of the app and open password free version.lua and remember the password that is inside!

Open Clash Royale, once on the main screen hold down the volume button down, a list of scripts will appear.

Select the script that suits your device and entre the password you remembered earlier.

Then the menu will appear to configure the bot.

The setup is the same for the Pro version but to obtain the password will cost $5  now $3.99.

Happy Botting!

For further help email: [email protected]